Everyday life of a manager in the field of communications is composed of great creative victories as well as, we are well aware, unspeakable shameful moments. When you brag about the interactive functions of your website but don’t really feel like giving out its website traffic statistics. Or when you make your entire family like your Facebook page.

We’re there, it’s not a thing of the future anymore: brands have become media. And communications specialists have become real programme directors. They have a message to put out but also think about audience acquisition.

The great challenge in both seducing and maintaining an audience is the content. What kind of content? How to produce it and how high is the budget? How to come up with methods that turn quality content into viral content and earned media?

These questions capture the gist of what we do here at Pikel. We work with our clients to develop and implement effective content strategies. 

Pikel is an independent communications agency specialised in the creation of editorial, audiovisual and multimedia content. The agency was founded in 2008 by two associate directors, Benjamin Cohen, journalist and Jérôme Czapka, producer and director. 

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Check out this sketch showing the secret intricacies of Pikel!

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