Jun 01
The Context
To illustrate the major problems of public health using a provocative tone in order to spark a debate during CHAM, the Davos of health industry, taking place annually in Chamonix. The Convention on Health and Analysis Management (CHAM) brings together decision makers from the health sector, politicians, industry leaders and researchers to discuss a topic and come up with ways to organise health care in this rapidly change society. 

5 serious cartoon episodes every year since 2009. Our videos have a note of caricature and whether they arouse bewilderment, laughter or applause, they always prompt viewers to make a stand. The pop up and motion picture animation emphasizes a strong and powerful statement. This union between serious discourse and fanciful graphics is what has been making serious cartoons a successful format for years now. 
Copywriter : Alycone Wemaere
Senior Editor : Benjamin Cohen 
Art Director : Maxime Chappet
Production Manager : Jérôme Czapka
Project Manager : Calyspo Vantroeyen 
Agency : Pikel 
CHAM 2017
CHAM 2015
CHAM 2014
Cham 2013 : Innovation en santé, pourquoi toutes ces peurs ?
Cham 2012: "Santé et Bien être"
Cham 2011: La santé vaut-elle le coup(t)?
Vidéo teaser