Euler Hermes

Corporate TV

Sep 01

Euler Hermes, a subsidiary company of Allianz’ Group and leader in credit insurance with 6000 employees in 50 countries, is evolving its communication with a new identity and joining the group's intranet: Connect. This major project is an opportunity for Euler Hermès to modernize its internal communication and tools, including the creation of a new media that will provide informations on the strategy, the projects and the life of the company and employees. The goal is to reunite all the collaborators around a common and participative culture as well as to increase the feeling of pride of belonging. Euler Hermès asks Pikel to advise and assist them to set up a corporate TV. Pikel offers and deploys Euler Hermes TV show "EHllo" a short and rhythmic format alternating recurring headings all in a friendly and positive tone in order to enhance the employees’ daily work by creating fun, commitment and attractiveness.

Council Direction: Camille Sevray Project manager: Cyril Lainé Production Direction: Alexandre Bouhsane Production: Léa Mourot Writing conception: Mathilde Fassin Artistic Director: Ophélie Cohen Director: Mathilde Fassin Chief operator: Thibaut Castan Editing: Sophie Belgram Actress: Yvonnick Muller