Les Pipelettes

Audio Comic

Jun 01

What is it? Pikel decided to try out a multimedia crossover between these two worlds with a dash of web/iPad/web 3.0. Les Pipelettes, a cup of coffee, a thousand good ideas: it’s a web chronicle aimed at women’s media. It is a combination of a comic and a chronicle, with taylor-made sound. It is a completely original format.

The pitch / Every week Elsa and Jo meet in a café to share their most recent discoveries: new restaurants, shopping deals, designers… Always on the lookout for the new and the unusual, they spot new trends before others do and always stumble upon secret interesting places.

Credits / Drawings: Laure Cozic, Author: Aude Walker, Text: Clémence Vallancien, Sound Design: Clément Neubrunn, Director: Benjamin Cohen, Production Manager: Jérôme Czapka, Copyright Counselling: Marca Tatem, Copyright Licence No: 236326, Copyright: Pikel