Stop Pushing Me Around

Through a baby's eyes

Apr 01

What is it? /
A comedy series based on how a baby sees the characters (the mother, her friend, the father, his friends, the stepmother, nanny, etc.) that revolve around the pushchair. 

The pitch /
A short and efficient format for an original idea: a camera is hidden next to the head of a baby in a pushchair driven by mummy.

Credits / Producer: Romain Vaudeaux, Actors : Jonathan Cohen (father) - Jérôme Benilouz (friend) – Romain Vaudeaux (uncle Mimi) – Afif Baroudi (the chatty fellow) – Mariola Ferré (friend) – Elsa Romano (mother) – Aurélia Lanier (the sexy passer-by), Director: Afif Baroudi, 1st Assistan Director: Caroline Mathieu
Tonton Mimi - épisode 1
Drague au berceau - épisode 2